Sunday, August 15, 2010

Our Name Has Finally Changed!

Due to an overwhelming response, and increased popularity to the training website, we have finally changed our name to The content and purpose of this site will remain the same, except we will now be able to post videos and PowerPoint presentations that you can download for review with your shifts.

We will still be including some of the old weekly posts to include (but not limited to):

- “Think about it”
- “You Make the Call”
- "The Engine Company"
- "The Truck Crew"
- "The Rescue Company"
- Near-Miss Report of the Week

Along with any other relevant topics that deal with fireground tactics, strategy, and firefighter survival.

The mission of this website has always been very straightforward. These goals are being met each and every time you take a few minutes to review and comment on a post. is pleased to announce that we will soon be joined by various well known fire service instructors and authors from Houston, Phoenix, New York, Los Angeles, Fairfax County, etc, to continue to share ideas and encourage discussion.

Please feel free to contact us with any comments, questions, or ideas for an upcoming post you would like to see or submit.

Get outside and put some hose in the street. Stay safe.